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Mesh Integration


in the house

tailored to individual hair loss needs, incorporating techniques like lightweight wefts and I-tips…

IntelliMESH caters to women with temporary or permanent hair loss, offering a semi-permanent, breathable system that promotes natural hair growth and can be worn during various activities. Known for its natural feel, comfort, and discreet appearance, IntelliMESH uses a unique hidden hairline technique and high-quality materials.

The core mesh integration protects the scalp and natural hair, ensuring even weight distribution and promoting hair recovery and growth.

Check out some before and after shots below and our pricing underneath the images.

3x6 closure and an infinity weft pricing

  • Mesh integration fit and supply

    Includes: preparation, application + one after care visit. Please note: There can be some variations in pricing depending on the amount of hair and the amount of weft or other types of extensions required.
  • Tightening (4-6 weeks after application)

    This involves removing the closure, tightening the mesh and then replacing the closure.
    follow up
  • Re-application (after 12 weeks)

    After the 12 weeks we then remove everything, shampoo your hair and then re apply
    follow up