Keratin-Blow-Dry-AltrinchamFrom KeraStraight’s Brazilian laboratory to the best salons in the world, KeraStraight has set the benchmark in the industry for beautifully conditioned frizz/free hair.

“For the time conscious woman who is looking for fuss free and frizz free hair every day – KeraStraight is unequalled”

Now available at The House, KeraStraight treatments and products transform hair leaving it revatilised, repaired and looking gorgeous. KeraStraight’s unique combinations of award winning proteins, amino acids and advanced polymers deliver unrivalled performance

  • Universal for all hair types
  • Reduces styling time and removes frizz
  • Lasts up to 4 months
  • KeraStraight treatments do not contain any chemical ingredients that permanently change the structure or damage the hair

It’s great having curls that you love and manage easily, but, if that’s not you, KeraStraight is the ideal solution.

Our award-winning keratin treatment will simultaneously repair and strengthen your hair, delivering frizz-free, gorgeous hair that is easy to manage and luxurious to touch.

PLEASE NOTE: We strongly advise the use of KeraStraight shampoos and conditioners after your treatment to prolong the treatment and keep your hair in the best condition.